Why Meridian?

You’ll Get Rapid, Ongoing Results

Let’s face it: you have several options when it comes to dealing with your productivity issues.

You could hire a big-name consulting firm. After all, no one ever got fired for doing that.  Large consultancies command hefty fees to conduct studies, write reports and take up months of senior management time before their recommendations take effect.

You could hire a trainer / consultant to help out. Armed with personality tests and 360 degree assessments and “employee engagement” surveys, a good trainer can help you know yourselves better and get people excited — for the moment.  Unfortunately, the results of that initial high don’t last for long, because they are not connected to the realities of daily work.

You could do it yourself.  Put in place task forces and committees to address the top five issues affecting productivity.  You’ve probably done that already … but you’re still reading this web page.  That’s because most in-house committees lack the knowledge and experience to solve deep seated cultural problems that have brought their organization up to the crisis point.

You could do nothing. No?  That’s not really an option anymore, is it?

Or you could just hire Meridian Group

Since 1976 our clients have trusted us to deliver:

  • Action and results — no studies or reports, seminars or training manuals
  • Improvement begin immediately. Measurable results within 90 days.
  • A clear, simple, proven

Our results speak for themselves. Meridian Group’s clients have increased productivity a minimum of 10% to 40% and cut costs by $millions per month. What would a 10% increase in productivity mean to your business?

Your problem is unique to you and familiar to us. We have worked with hundreds of managers. Chances we have worked with situations similar to yours. Drawing on our 30 years of experience we soon recognize patterns that allow us to quickly understand and help your particular situation.

Our work takes little time from managers and their employees. We agree on the project goals at our first meeting and then work closely with your managers and their employees on their problems, in their workplace, fitting into their schedule, and at their pace.

Change begins immediately. Results occur as quickly as managers want to move.  No studies or reports, just action and results. You may be amazed at just how fast productivity can improve.

Many small changes bring big changes. We help managers make small changes to their daily work that moves the company in the direction we all agreed on at our first meeting. There is no red carpet rollout. No big plan. No disruption. No downside. Our work fits in smoothly with ongoing operations.

Your people will enjoy the productivity development process. Once the work gets underway, everybody wants to be on board. People’s enthusiasm quickly spreads the word and energy throughout

Our work improves your culture in the first 90 days

  • Everyone is engaged with the success of the enterprise
  • Problems are solved quickly by the people closest to them
  • People experience being valued as human beings
  • Enthusiasm and commitment are restored

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