Developing Your Company Culture

Get the book by Meridian Group Principal, Barry Phegan, Ph.D.



This easy to read book helps leaders and managers understand and take charge of their company culture. It guides any leader in building a work culture where:

  • Everyone is engaged with the success of the enterprise.
  • Problems are solved quickly by the people closest to them.
  • People experience being valued as human beings.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment are restored.

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Warehouse Gridlock!

It was 8:00am on the first day of my monthly visit to our client’s distribution center. I walked in and immediately found the DC manager. “The warehouse has filled the receiving docks with product and is beginning to receive on the loading dock. If this continues the warehouse we will go into gridlock. Then no stores will get their orders!” Read more

What’s Undermining Performance?

Our client is a major chemical company. It was early morning and I was in Andy Brown’s office, the Vice President of U.S. Manufacturing. The night before, there had been an explosion and fire in one of their Gulf Coast plants. Andy and I were discussing the situation when his boss, the EVP Operations, called. After talking for a few minutes, Andy put down the phone and said,

“He wants to know what happened and he wants some heads on the table. I tried to tell him that I can do either of those things but I can’t do both. He wouldn’t listen.” Read more

Build Strong Employee Teams

How you choose employees for a problem-solving team can lay the foundation for a solution that is immediately accepted by everybody on the floor. This example from a warehouse in Southern California shows how employees self-selected themselves to such a winning team. Read more