About Us

“Most company efforts fail because their company culture undermines productivity and good problem solving.”

That was the conclusion of founders Barry Phegan and Royal Foote,  based on their similar management experiences in different companies.

While working as managers, Meridian Groups’s founders recognized first-hand the frustrating obstacles, conflicts, and unproductive behavior culture’s can bring. They also knew the solutions didn’t come from equipment, studies or workshops — but from engaging people in the culture.  It was their desire to understand more about the people side of organizations that led to the launch of Meridian Group in 1976.

Janice Lee Juvrud and Barry Phegan met at a business conference in San Francisco in 1994. Their common interests and beliefs about work cultures and productivity led to a fruitful partnership. Now almost two decades later they have refocused Meridian Group on today’s workplace, today’s managers, and today’s problems.

Janice Lee Juvrud


Janice Juvrud, Principal of Meridian Group works with leaders who want an organization where everyone is engaged in building success.

She learned through 20 + years of experience that building a well developed company culture will create a workforce of engaged employees and therefore a successful company. Her clients include bio tech start-ups, non-profit agencies, insurance companies, public utilities, county governments, and manufacturers.

Meridian Group is an industry leader in creating successful company cultures. This includes solving complex issues such as: removing silos between divisions, engaging employees by building trust and openness, increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving safety, ensuring successful process and system improvement initiatives, and improving reliability and customer satisfaction.

Before joining Meridian Group Janice was a partner in The Remodeling Source, a residential remodeling company on the east coast. During the first year she quadrupled sales by developing a culture where success was the only option. She and her partner were awarded “Contractor of the Year” by the International Remodeling Contractor’s Association, the “BIG 50″ award by Remodeling Magazine and was featured in the Sunday NY Times article highlighting her business and the remodeling industry.

Janice received an MA in Organizational Change and Leadership at JFK University School of Management, Walnut Creek, CA. and is a Certified Executive Coach from the Professional School of Psychology, Sacramento, CA

Barry Phegan

book Barry
“I knew there had to be a better way to manage companies and build satisfying, productive work cultures.”

As part of our Meridian Group team for 30+ years, I have enjoyed working closely with managers from many companies on major culture development projects that dramatically improved performance and productivity. I have spoken frequently on leadership, management, and organizational culture to US and international management groups at the University of California, Berkeley, to other San Francisco Bay Area universities, and to professional groups, conferences, and corporations.

In addition to many papers and articles on management topics I wrote Developing Your Company Culture: The Joy of Leadership —A Handbook for Leaders and Managers, Context Press, 1996. It is available through Amazon.com in English and an expanded 2010 version in Chinese. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney, a Master’s degree from Washington University, St. Louis, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley where my interests were business leadership, general systems theory, developmental psychology, and group dynamics.

Before founding Meridian Group in 1976, I had 15 years of technical and managerial experience in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, and Australia. In my last line manager position I had over 100 people reporting to me. I was skilled technically but never trained to handle power struggles, relationships or company politics. I slowly realized that these were the biggest impediments to my job satisfaction and to my unit’s performance.

To take a breather and think about my career I returned to school for a Ph.D. Since then, as consultant to hundreds of experienced managers, I found that my managerial experience was not unique. My partner and friend Royal Foote, had a similar background. We both knew there had to be a better way to manage companies and build satisfying, productive work cultures. We now know what that is and how to do it.

Our work improves your culture in 90 days.  Why not contact us to help you improve your culture?

  • Everyone is engaged with the success of the enterprise
  • Problems are solved quickly by the people closest to them
  • People experience being valued as human beings
  • Enthusiasm and commitment are restored