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Is Your Organization's Culture Building Employee

Commitment and Customer Satisfaction?

Are employees on board with improvement initiatives?

Is safety, reliability and quality what you want?

Are silos restricting information, trust and relationships?

Are your customers recommending you?

Meridian Group has helped hundreds of managers

develop the cultures they want.


If you’re like most senior managers, you’ve tried many ways to improve your unit’s performance — new equipment, problem-solving teams, persuasion, and hiring systems experts.  It may have had some effect, but the underlying problems persist.

Running a company or other business unit does not have to be this difficult and stressful.  There are simple solutions that address these issues and dramatically increase performance.

Now Picture This

A Productive, Committed Workplace

In reality, employee engagement, relationships, productivity, safety, and customer service aren’t just about numbers, equipment or effort. They come from people and the work culture. Since 1976 Meridian Group has helped leaders like you solve culture-related problems, creating engaged workplaces, increasing productivity, and cutting costs dramatically.

Improve your situation in the first 90 days.

  • Everyone is engaged with the success of the enterprise.
  • Problems are solved quickly by the people closest to them.
  • People experience being valued as human beings.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment are restored.
What Our Clients Say
You have an easy non-threatening manner that lets you accomplish what you did for us, unlike high-powered hotshot consultants who get your back up when they walk in the door. Meridian Group understands how business is done these days with all the stresses and strains. You have a real gift in understanding the underlying problems and helping senior managers see where things are screwed up. You’re non-threatening way lets people confide in you.
Executive Director, CA State Agency.
I talked at home about specific things we did, and still do. I think about you every day. Your whole life you carry the principles Meridian Group brings. You see how so many things can be done better.
General Manager, Warehouse & Distribution Center, Food and Drug Retailer, Irvine, CA .
You never came here to tell us what to do. You were like the wise persons watching us, then helping leaders elicit from themselves. Most consultants try to suss out what I want to do and then tell me what I want. You operate at a senior level and you move us in a direction rather than towards goals. You have tools rather than processes.
Executive Director, CA State Agency.
I’ve learned from you how to listen for the meaning behind the words, and what is not said. This made me more effective. It also taught me how to convince people of doing the right things by my talking about things that resonate with their values and perceptions of the world.
Operations Supervisor, Oil Refinery, El Paso, Texas.
What I enjoyed the most were the conversations with other peers up and down the ladder. Your work opened a whole new area of communication.
General Manager, Warehouse & Distribution Center, Food and Drug Retailer, Anaheim, CA .
You can have trust with your immediate work group. With Meridian group it was with the whole organization.
Supervising Engineer, Oil Refinery, El Paso, Texas.
One big impact on us was in the union situation. We saw each other as close-minded. There were people on both sides who used the barrier there and did not want the barrier to be breached. It went so well, from not getting along, to a completely open house where everybody got along. One good measure of how well it worked was that the Teamsters signed the contract early.
General Manager, Warehouse & Distribution Center, Food and Drug Retailer, San Leandro, CA.
Meridian Group brought management and the workforce together in a sincere way without weight on one side or the other. You found the best of both sides, how can we find a way to make it work better.
Regional General Manager, Warehouse & Distribution Centers, Food and Drug Retailer (with multiple unions), San Leandro, CA.
It was a time of tremendous change. Everyone was frustrated. People felt threatened. The four step decision chart was simple, non-threatening, and it was not my way. It was a way to think about the things we will want to solve, and it didn’t come with an agenda. It’s about how we will all make decisions.
Executive Director, CA State Agency.
I learned how to make better team decisions. I’ve since used the 4 step model across the world. What is better decision making worth when over 80% of most business decisions are poor? I learned how to facilitate effective meetings. How much does productivity increase by effective meetings combined with effective decision making? You taught me how to look at issues from a systemic perspective, which has helped make better decisions and more effective changes.
Operations Supervisor, Oil Refinery, El Paso, Texas.

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