Is Your Company’s Culture Undermining Performance?

  • Morale, motivation and commitment are low
  • People keep walking  into your office with problems that should be solved by others
  • People build silos that get in the way of cooperation
  • People aren’t getting on-board with your improvement initiatives
  • Productivity, safety, reliability, quality or customer satisfaction is poor

Meridian Group has helped hundreds of managers solve these problems, increasing performance dramatically.

If you’re like many senior managers, you’ve tried countless ways to improve your unit’s performance — new equipment, problem-solving task forces, pressuring people and hiring systems experts.  It may have had some effect, but the underlying problems persist.

Running a company or other business unit does not have to be this difficult and stressful.  There are simple solutions that address these issues and dramatically increase performance.

Now Picture This: A Productive, Committed Workplace

Imagine problems no longer walking in your door, because they are solved by the people who are responsible. You leave work knowing that everything is under control, because your people wouldn’t have it any other way. Managers from other companies come to get ideas.
Best of all, productivity has jumped, outpacing your peers,
and continues to increase year after year.

It’s no daydream …

In reality, productivity, safety and customer service aren’t just about numbers, equipment or effort. They come from people and the work culture. Since 1976 Meridian Group has helped leaders like you to solve culture-related problems, create engaged workplaces, increasing productivity and cutting costs dramatically.

Our solutions begin to improve your situation in the first 90 days.

  • Reduce time wasted dealing with problems
  • Get everyone on-board
  • Increase productivity and cut costs
  • Restore enthusiasm and commitment in your workforce

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